Sunday, 14 September 2014

Le Challenge #15 - Era

Welcome back! We are back in the swing of things and looking forward to seeing your 'era' finishes!

Here's what we've been up to:

Lucy made a start, read the whole story at Charm About You

Read about Nat's embroidered felt boxy pouch here

Check back tomorrow to find out the new theme and if you are new to Le Challenge find more information here - please read the guidelines!

For a chance to win a $25 Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate and 10 fat quarters of vintage sheets from Mary Emmens make sure you link up your finished projects based on the theme 'Era'. Please remember to include the button or a link to Le Challenge in your blog post or Flickr description and use the hashtag #lechallenge if you're linking up from Instagram.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

More inspiration from Mary Emmens

Today we're featuring the creative talent Mary from Mary Emmens, to share her fabulous vintage inspiration. She's also kindly offering a giveaway to September's winner and a discount code for her shop for everyone!

I was flattered to be asked to guest post for this month's Le Challenge theme of 'Era'. There are so many different ways to interpret this, you can probably think of more than me, mine is possibly restricted to something 'vintage'. If you know me you probably know that I have a fondness for vintage sheets. I believe that 'vintage' is deemed to be anything that is over 20 years old, my vintage sheets come from an era of the 1960's, 70's and even 80's. But whatever decade they come from it is the colours, the softness, the awesome prints that hooked me in. I started collecting them 4 years or so ago and have amassed quite a few. My first quilt using vintage sheets was this one:

Oh My Stars finished quilt
 I can't quite believe it; 111 stars of different sizes and different types including;

Oh My Stars
 Here are a few other quilts I have made with strings, charms and fat quarters:

Vintage Sheet String Quilt
     Vintage Sheet String Quilt 

I soon discovered that while making quilts used up some of my sheets, I still had plenty to spare so opened an Etsy shop to try and reduce my stash!

Chevron quilt made with vintage sheets
 Chevron Baby Vintage Sheet Quilt 

You can find quilt kits, charm packs, fat quarters and strips. I'm very happy to make up custom orders; cut other size charms and sometimes I can even supply yardage.

Vintage sheet baby quilt
   Vintage Sheet Baby Quilt  

Orbit Quilt
Orbit Quilt made from Vintage Sheets 

But it's not all about quilts! And to be honest a month isn't a long time to whip up a quilt for the theme of 'Era' so how about some other items I've been inspired to make, including bibs, aprons, bags and bunting:

Vintage floral pink bib
Pinny from vintage sheets
So you could go hunting for vintage sheets or other vintage fabrics, you may already have some in your stash. One of my favourite makes using vintage sheets is this bag from the Zakka Style book, teamed with an old pair of jeans, it's hardwearing and lovely to look at:

Zigzag Tote
I'm sure you can all find somewhere to hang up some bunting whatever fabric it is made from:

Vintage Sheet Bunting
One of the most favourite things I have done with vintage sheets is transformed a set of new stairs in our house from this:

New stairs - before
 to this:

New stairs - after
I hope I've provided you with some inspiration and to help inspire you to join in this month I'm donating a bundle of 10 vintage sheet fat quarters from my shop to the winner of the Le Challenge link, the bundle will contain fabrics similar to these below but are dependent on what other lovelies I find over the next few weeks!

And if you can't wait to see if you win you can use discount code: lechallenge to get 15% off any purchase in my shop up 15 September 2014.

Thank you so much Mary! Such beautiful makes and great inspiration, those stairs are one of the coolest things we've seen. I have previously made a cot quilt using one of Mary's kits and it's been loved by my two girls. Both Nat and I have joined in Mary's wonderful vintage sheet FQ swaps and we've thought about using them in our 'era' projects.

The link party will open on September 15th for you to link up your finished projects based on the theme 'era'. A random winner will be chosen and receive a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop as well as a lovely bundle of 10 FQs from Mary's shop!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

And the winner is ...

No 10... Heidi from Red Letter Quilts! Congratulations! Your $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop should be arriving in your inbox soon.

Many thanks to all the participants (32, whoohoo!), small was clearly an inspiring theme - and it may have helped that we extended the deadline as well. Also a special thanks to all of those who make a dedicated post and project just for le challenge - and of course encourage their readers to link up to le challenge too! We do it every month, and we know how time-consuming it is. 

So now on to ERA, there is plenty of time, 2 months - or alternatively you may go on holiday and end up making something last minute - like myself... Actually I have an idea already, and it may involve using some fabric I have been itching to cut! What are you thinking? Will it be about the fabric, the style - maybe some vintage pattern? I am really looking forward to see all your interpretations. 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Next up...

Some of you might remember last year we had an extended challenge over the summer, with no link in August, which gave you two months to work on a project or just take a little break! Well we're doing it again so this theme's link party will be in September.

Oh you want to know the theme?

Of course...

The theme is ERA

e•ra (ˈɪər ə, ˈɛr ə) 

n., pl. e•ras.
1. a period of time marked by distinctive character, events, etc.
2. the period of time to which anything belongs or is to be assigned.
3. a system of chronologic notation reckoned from a given date.
4. a point of time from which succeeding years are numbered, as at the beginning of a system of 
5. a date or an event forming the beginning of any distinctive period.
6. a major division of geologic time composed of a number of periods.

It's one of those interesting ones, there might be obvious ideas or you might want to ruminate on it. If you find it tough fear not, we will be providing inspiration as usual!

Join us on 15th September with your finished projects and a random chance to win a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Le Challenge #14 - Small

'Small' is an easy theme and yet there are so many ways to interpret it!

Here's what we came up with...

We found out something exciting last week at Made in Home

And Lucy made a buggy bag at Charm About You

We've decided to leave the link open a few hours longer each month (until 8pm GMT on the 16th) so you've a little extra time and can help spread the word about le challenge.

Check back tomorrow to find out the new theme and if you are new to Le Challenge find more information here.

For a chance to win a $25 Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate make sure you link up your finished projects and please remember to include the button or a link to Le Challenge in your blog post or Flickr description.

Share what you've made...

Saturday, 5 July 2014

More inspiration from Kelly at Jelli Quilts

Today we have the super talented Kelly from Jeli Quilts sharing some SMALL inspiration with us and showing some of her gorgeous makes!

I love the theme of this months Le Challenge, and so was so happy to be asked to guest post about it and hopefully give a little inspiration.  There are so many directions you could take with the theme 'small', but for me two in particular stand out. Small makes - I love them!  Perfect for when you need that quick sewing fix, which for me is half way through a quilt or in avoidance of hand sewing the binding.  Bags, pouches, coasters, cushions - they all fit that small make bill and generally take only a couple of hours to whip up.

Here are a few of my favourite small makes made over the last couple of years:

Top left  - Log cabin pouch (Oh Fransson prefect zip bags pattern -
Top right - Netbook cases - (modified version of the Ipad cover tutorial by One Shabby Chick
Bottom left - Michelle patterns Strap clutch (
Bottom right - Ipad mini case -  pattern by Schoolhouse Patterns (

The other direction is to literally go 'small' and make tiny blocks.  When I look at certain types of quilt blocks (mainly geese, I admit!), the first thing I want to do is scale them down to ridiculous size and see if I can still make them. There is just something so ridiculously cool about a teeny tiny quilt block, well to me anyway ;-)

They are perfect blocks to turn into pincushions, mug rugs, pouches and tote bags!

Top left - Mouthy Stitches tote - Tiny circle of wonky stars (tutorial by
Top right - Tiny geese pincushions  -  Goosed Up pattern (
Middle right - Ipad case with mini dresden circle
Bottom right - Super teeny pincushion - Juicy Goosey pattern (

Hopefully that has given you some inspiration for this months challenge, I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Thank you so much Kelly! I know that's inspired me to get sewing and finish my small project :)

Create something based on the theme 'small' using any type of craft and come and link up your finished project (with a blog post or Flickr picture) on the 15th July for a random chance to win a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Small {fabric inspiration}

There are so many ways to interpret this month's theme SMALL that I doubt you need any help with ideas for your projects but just in case here are a few. Let's start with the obvious...

You could use fabric with small prints:

like these cute apples or small dots

Or fabric created for children and babies (because they are small!):

You might want to make something small:

Or have small parts make up a whole:

It could be fun to add embellishments to your make:

some small lights or use some glue dots to add small details

You might only need a small amount of materials:

And of course good things come in small packages!

Are you overwhelmed with small ideas?! Have you started working on your SMALL project?

Remember to come back and link up your finished project on the 15th and we'll have more SMALL inspiration soon!